Relationship Therapy

We all have our own ideas about what makes the ideal relationship. Our  relationships can provide happiness, support and joy. However relationships  can also be hard work and we can frequently misunderstand each other and miscommunicate our needs, causing stress, feelings of isolation and unhappiness.

Very few relationships are without conflict of some kind.

Sometimes we can slip into patterns of communicating and behaviour which cause problems with those closest to us. Maybe you are arguing more and more but never resolving the issue. We may expect our partner to automatically know what we need and provide it for us. Maybe we are afraid to voice our feelings in case we rock the boat, so we avoid conflict and just carry on as normal ignoring the growing sense of resentment we feel through not being able to express ourselves. This can lead to a lack of intimacy or create sexual difficulties within the relationship.

We may disagree on important issues and find it difficult to see our partner’s point of view. We also bring to the relationship our own life experiences and expectations which may also cause an impact.


Financial Issues

Betrayal or affairs

Different goals or values

Life changes - (Becoming parents, employment changes, caring for elderly relatives)

Work related stress

Different parenting styles


Mental Health issues

Sexual issues

Communication problems

Jealousy and Lack of trust

Managing Separation

Sometimes talking to someone outside the relationship can be helpful.

In Relationship Counselling, I will work with you to create a vision of how you would like your relationship to be. I will help you to communicate and listen more effectively. helping you both to reflect on what has led to the issues in your relationship. My role is to create the safe and respectful space  to help you to understand each other better, suggesting communication exercises to build trust and honesty in an atmosphere of acceptance. I will encourage you both to explore ways of meeting each other’s needs in a way that honours your relationship.

Even if things don’t change, Counselling can help you to gain a different perspective on things or help you to decide on the best course of action needed to move forward.

I will not take sides. I will remain non judgmental, helping you both to feel heard and supported on the path to new understanding.

I hold an advanced certificate in Relationship Therapy and work with relationships of all kinds.

Your investment is £70 an hour or £100 for 90 minutes